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Topknot's Welcome, Writing Directory, and Project Masterlist:


Did you see a friend add from me and have no idea who I am? Well, I'm Topknot. I read, I draw, I write, I snap photographs, and I craft. And so, I am fascinated with other people's work in relevant fields. So, if you've seen an add from me, chances are that you have cool art, are a good writer, make pretty things, are a world builder, post about fashion [personal or otherwise], or have interesting opinions on the these subjects.

In my journal, I post sketches, art, snip-its of writing, world building things, crafts I make [crochet, beading, wire work, paper crafts, ect], photos, and other things. You may or may not know me from Fur Affinity or Deviant Art under the user-name Capt-Topknot, or Tegaki, under the user-name Topknot-Forever. If not, I found you through livejournal and liked your art.

Questions? Feel free to ask! If not, I hope you add me back so I can enjoy your postings!

This entry also serves as my writing directory where you can find a list of my writing online! Peruse at our convince and enjoy! This page is a work in progress, so expect changes and check back often for additions.


- Notorious Stories. [Elves, Humans, Vampires, etc, in a fantasy, renaissance-like setting.]  -  A young woman learns the hard way that people should not limit themselves to what others think they can do. She takes this knowledge with her as she travels her planet, carefully collecting a crew of castoffs to sail on her ship. Topknot and her marry misfits not only learn about each other on their adventures but also what it means to be faithful to one’s self while still working towards a community goal, as they redefine conventional notions of what it means to be a true hero, try to take down a corrupt government, and attempt to track down a mysterious figure known as, “The King of pirates.” I regret to announce that the  Notorious Stories  website has been officially retired. Over the years I shared this website with a group of dedicated, lovely people who inspired me to turn my short stories into a series of novels, so fear not, the characters and story live on, though the site is gone. While they are not yet published, the series does have its own Facebook page, over at Good Fortune. Notorious Stories is officially retired.

- Shallow Creek. [Humans, Earth in the modern day.] Shallow Creek tells the story of Jim and his daughter Sandy, and their battle against things that go bump in the night. Read along as Jim searches for answers about the death of his wife Alice. Shallow Creek is a loosely written story most easily defined as "horror" or "thriller". It has its own website and the website is also written from the point of view of the main character, Jim. Shallow Creek is Currently on hiatus.

Dualworld Stories.[Furries/Anthro mostly, set in the fantasy of Nodd, the center of my world building prokect.] Stories about the world of Nodd. Stories are listed in chronological order.

1. Intro to Nodd [from the point of view of Bell] An Open Letter.

2. Rose's Beginnings - How the Jester Got her Mark [A Knights of Nodd Story]. The story of how Snowbright got her infamous forehead scar and when Rose first discovers her love of the art of the Jester.

3. Knight of the Realm Parts 1 and 2. This work in progress story illustrates how Kitti got her Rifter and how she became a Knight of for Queen.

4. Never Fear The Fall. The story of how the Knight Kitti got her wings back and the introduction of the character Snowbright.

5.  Heart of the Mountain. [Furries/Anthro mostly, set in the fantasy world of Nodd]. Archimedes and Bell are two scientists studying in two very different fields. Bell is studying the flora and fauna of Nodd, immersing herself in her home’s natural world, while Archimedes is experimenting in the arcane science of artifact technology, trying to find the laws of physics in Nodd, and doing his best to push past them. His newest project is as mysterious to Bell as the rest of the world, and when he asks for her assistance with it her curiosity leads her to his door. She finds there a computer that is learning to walk and a machine designed to artificially generate souls. Magic and technology wind together in this tale of romance ,dangerous magic, and defunct technology. This story featuring two popular Knights of Nodd characters explores not only some new parts of Nodd and its laws of science and magic, but the events that lead to the relationship between Archimedes and Bell. A webseries coming soon!

6. Singularity. [Furries/Anthro, set in the fantasy world of Nodd]. Segregated and left for many years to progress without outside influence as a result of the most recent civil war, the culture of the Dragons is rich, steeped in ritual and expectations, and unique in their world. Singularity focuses the life of a young Dragon named Veli. Dragons have three sexes, and this story examines not only the roll of sex and sexuality in society, but also what it is like be be a young person feeling as though they are ever the outcast. Singularity asks some hard to answer questions about a person's responsibility to their family and their society and how to balance that with their responsibility to themselves.  A livejournal based webseries that will eventually be posted in a more public format. You can go to this story's tag, or you can jump to the first entry.

- Nodd Wiki, and the Nodd Wiki Directory page. All the most up to date information available for Knights of Nodd.
- Good Fortune Facebook Page. You can't buy the book yet, but you can keep up with what I write as I write it! Come here for posts with snippets of my books,updates on other writing projects, and even word counts on whatever novel I happen to be working on at the time.
LiveJournal Tags:

- Writing. - Just a general tag for writing posted here on Livejournal.

- Q and A with Topknot. - Short questions, long answers!

Other Projects:
A place to keep track of things related to my writing, that are not my writing.
- The Boy Comes Home. - One part card game, one part divination tool. This set of cards each has their own illustration, each with characters from the Knights of Nodd "story" on the front. A card game played in Nodd that I am slowly discovering and illustrating. Its own post is here, as well as its own tag.

- Nodd's International Library Inex.  - Coming soon!

- Nodd Wiki. - Coming soon!

- My Artist's Manifesto and Mission Statement.

- Commission Information.

- Kristin's/Topknot's Commissioned/Buyer Feedback [please click here if I've bought something from you!].
This is a new page, please help it grow if we have an applicable past experience together!

- Kristin's/Topknot's Commission/Seller Feedback [please click here if you bought something from me!]. This is a new page, please help it grow if we have an applicable past experience together!

A Note to readers: Please, if you see something on this page that is worded in a way that's hard to understand, let me know via comment! This page is for your information, so the easier the information is to understand and access, the better!

Oliver with map.

Wreck This Journal Promts:

This page is a work in progress!

While I was unable to buy an actual "Wreck This Journal" journal I still want to do a creative journal in 2016. I did like a lot of the prompts I heard about from the original book so I wanted to write some of those prompts down to try for myself. I decided to make a LiveJournal post about it so I could pin it on my Journal board on my Pintrest. Things in brackets are my own thoughts on the prompts!

- Fill up entire page using only one word.
- Fill up a page while walking.
- Take the journal for a walk.
- Art supply test page [Make this page your index page! Test supplies first, make index when journal is full].
- A page for stamps and shipping address stickers.
- Trace the things in your bag and let the lines overlap.
- Crack the spine.
- Do a page of pencil rubbings.
- Sew a page.
- Drip something onto page and then close it to create a butterfly or Rorschach image.
- Tear out a page and crumple it [also burn the edges and don't stop wrinkling it and crumpling it until it's soft as fabric, like you did with the caveman costumes in La Patite, maybe tea stain the paper before crumpling].
- Use tape to create a pattern on a page.

The prompts below are things I thought of myself!

- Do a page of OCD pocket pickups.
- Do a page inspired by a favorite playlist on shuffle.
- Create a "Ka" page.
- The first page will say "2016". Over the year collage things onto the page that are important. Start with the red crown from New Years Eve.

Oliver with map.

Topknot's 2016 Commission and Project Queue:

Here is a list of what art I owe to what people!
Drawings for Donations:

  1. The Queue is currently open! Help me fix that and donate some art so I can draw you something!


  1. Katts' Birthday Gift: WIP, inking is done, coloring is in progress. [Updated January/1st/2016.]


  1. None, but currently open, feel free to ask!


  1. None.

Veli with book!

Topknot's Super Simple Roasted Pumpkin Seeds:

I got the basis of this recipe from Elise. Who is Elise? I have no idea, I Googled the something like "simple roasted sunflower seeds" and came up with the recipe I based mine off of and then couldn't find the recipe again. Anyway, cheers Elise, whomever you are.

I'm not going to tell you how to open a pumpkin or how to extract the seeds because it's pretty straight forward and printing out those instructions would waste your ink. But make sure you do get your own, raw pumpkin seeds straight from the pumpkin.

Prep Time - 10 Minutes.
Cook Time - 15 to 35.


1) Pumpkin seeds.
2) Trader Joe's Sea Salt - Fine Crystals.
3) Olive Oil.
4) Tap Water.


1) 1 Big Saucepan.
2) 1 Tablespoon measuring spoon [TBSP].
3) 1 Mixing Bowl.
4) 1 measuring cup.
5) 1 large cookie tray.
6) A colander with draining holes smaller than your seeds.

The recipe is very simple. You're going to do a little math so call back those lovely memories of Elementary school math classes. For every cup of pumpkin seeds you need one tablespoon of salt and two cups of water. Simply dump your seeds in your saucepan, pour water over it, then add your salt. We'll call that equation a "unit". I would suggest only doing two units at a time or they take too long to boil and won't lay in the pan right.

So now that you've got this water/pumpkin/salt combo put it on high heat on the stove, cover, and bring to a boil. Leave it boiling for 10 minutes. What this does is essentially brine your seeds very, very quickly. Easy peasy!
While they're boiling preheat your oven on the "Bake" setting to 400 degrees.

After 10 minutes grab your colander, place it in the sink, and then drain your seeds. If you're out of seeds set your pan aside. If you're going to boil more seeds rinse your pan so you don't get a build up of salt on the sides.

Put your cooked seeds in a mixing bowl and measure a tablespoon of olive oil then drizzle it over the seeds. Use a spoon and toss the seeds to make sure they're nice and coated and then pour them onto the cookie sheet. Now, the this part where it gets real. Carefully lay your seeds out so they're on a single layer. It's OK if there's a few seeds over one another, you aren't aiming for surgical precision here, but getting them mostly on one layer makes sure they will roast properly.

Once you've got your seeds all settled toss them in the oven. This is where it get's tricky. If you harvested your seeds from a small pumpkin you might need only 5 minutes for them to roast. If they're big it might take as long as 20 minutes. What I do is put them in and set my timer for 5 minute increments and check it, looking for when they're the right color and then pull them out. You'll be able to tell they're ready because they won't look "wet" anymore and will just have begun to turn brown.

Take them off the sheet to cool [I like to put mine in a glass serving dish to save on dish washing time] and once they're no longer hot enough to scald the inside of your mouth they're ready to eat.

I feel I need to add a note as many of the people I've served these too seem to be confused, you CAN shell the outer part of the seed and eat the little bitty thing inside, but you don't NEED to. It's a whole lot of wasted effort and food! Eat the whole damn thing!

Serve and om nom nom all by yourself or, if you're feeling generous, share them with your loved ones.

Oliver with map.

The Palm Walker - Thoghts from Yoga:

Kyo rolled onto his side and peered at Topknot through the dark, over the low, glowing coals of that night's fire. Laying on her back Topknot's eyes where distant, and he wondered what the night sky must look like to someone who could barely see without glasses.

After a while he remarked softly, "You look distinctly uncomfortable."

Still looking at the cloudless sky she hmmed a question at him, shrugging.

"Why do you sleep like that?" he asked, frowning. Her arms where lifted over her head, palms to the earth, elbows on her pillow. "You always sleep like that, weather we're camping or staying at an inn, you even scoot down on a bed to make room for your arms! It's silly!"

She chuckled softly, her voice fuzzy with in her sleepy state. "The Palm Walker."

"The... that sounds like a story." he responded hesitantly. "Would you please tell me?"

Her eyes drifted closed and her smile faded a little. "When I was growing up I wasn't raised with the Gods most people are. Unlike your people who choose to discard the Gods and worship your leaders, we never knew we had a choice. When I was young we didn't hear stories of the God of Sleep or about who we should pray to for good dreams. We slept in narrow hammocks and it made it difficult to put your arms anywhere comfortable that did not also make you look like a corpse. The default ended up being sleeping with your arms up over your head like this." She lifted her arms off the ground and then let them drop again. "So at some point someone decided we slept that way so that our palms could be Touched. The Palm Walker was a God that padded around silently at night, in and out of homes, touching the palms of anyone who slept in what had become known as a holy position as they slept. He was said to not only bring good dreams but prophesy to those whose palm's he chose to touch, but he would only grace homes of people who also slept with their faces covered. Many of my people woke up with words from a God they had never seen."

"You sound a little disillusioned." Kyo observed, trying to keep his melancholy for his friend's past out of his voice.

"Notice that I do not sleep with my face covered, your Highness." the Elf countered, her voice still sleepy.

"Why though?" he asked, knowing he was probably pressing too hard and that she would refuse to continue.

Topknot surprised him however when she murmured, "One night I could not sleep and I knew I was ruining my whole house's chance of a visit from the Palm Walker by making it impossible to enter our home. As the hours passed my mind wandered and I must have drifted off to sleep because I awoke to a light touch on my palm. Just the barest brush of fingers. I felt so honored, what had I done to deserve such a thing?" She signed, her eyes slipping back open. Turning her head she looked at him, sorrow in her eyes but her voice devoid of emotion. "It was my Mother. I tried to peek out from under my blanket to see the Palm Walker, since no one seemed to know what he looked like. She was creeping around the house gently touching the palms of my cousins and half sister. She even touched my Father's hand. Then she got back into her hammock and went to sleep, her own palms out."

"Did you ever think," asked a low voice from near her feet, "That perhaps your Mother was merely a vessel, chosen by the God to do his task so he might remain unseen?"

Kyo bit his lip angrily. Oliver always spoke up at just the wrong moment, in the Prince's opinion.

Topknot was silent for a long time and just as Kyo was going to wish the other two a good night, she whispered, "I thought about it, but I had never dared hope for something so pure from that viper's nest in which I was born. Goodnight, Olver, Kyo."

The feline and Prince returned the wish. As Kyo went to turn over, away from the fire, he spied Topknot hiking her blanket up with one hand, covering her eyes and revealing her bare feet. Kyo smiled and rested on his side with his own palms out in front of him. "Who knew?" the young man thought. "If there really are Gods, who am I to claim to know which ones are real?" It was a comforting thought to fall asleep to, and the Prince dropped off into sleep easily.

Just a little something that came to me during yoga the other day. My mind wanders to some really nice places during Savasana. A lot of the novel needs to be reworked, I might even start over from the beginning. Anything you love doing is worth putting your best into it.

Crochet  Priate Yarrrrn.

Logo Voting for This That and the Other Thing:

I need opinions on a good logo for my business! For those of you who don't know, I'm trying to start a small business called This That and the Other Thing and under that name I create crochet items like hats, scarves, blankets and stuffed animals, make wire sculptures, craft hand made jewelry, sell cruelty free animal bones and teeth to collectors who like that kind of thing, offer art commissions, and sell various other handmade works. Most of you know that I'm also working on a series of novels involving pirates, so I wanted the logo to have the look of a Jolly Roger [a skull and crossbones] and that's where I started with the design.

Currently I don't have a formal place you can buy what I make set up, like an Etsy or Big Cartel store, but I hope to soon. Once I do I want to do a reprint of my business cards to have this logo, so it needs to remain relatively simple, and for branding it purposes needs to be something I can scale up and down as well as turn into a silhouette.

With that in mind, I have the first round of voting is taking place herel. Don't worry, you don't need a LiveJournal account to vote and comment, you can vote anonymously without any account and if you wish to give your feedback you can comment on the thread I'm linking you to with a Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, or a Google+ account, and of course if you do have a LiveJournal you can just use that.

I do ask that if you have feedback that you leave it on the page I'm linking you to, that way I can keep all the comments and feedback in one place.

EDITED 09/09/2015: I believe I fixed the format, what each draft is called should by typed right under the image it relates to. For the second round of voting I'll put the names on the images themselves. Please share with your friends and thanks to everyone who voted so far!

1) First Draft.
2) Alternate first draft.

3) Second Draft.

4) Third Draft.

4) Third Draft Alternate.

Which Logo draft do you like best?

First Draft.
Alternate First Draft.
Second Draft.
Third Draft.
Alternate Thrid Draft.

Feel free to comment, it's much neater than on Facebook and you don't need to have a LiveJournal account to comment.

Rose with Jester Emote Balls.


I got a brand new Tablet that makes my old tablet look like a rock slate and chisel. So! In celebration not only am I handing out free sketches to first time viewers, like I always have done, but I will be offering $5.00USD Inked and Flat Colored Busts with optional simple backgrounds for just $5.00USD [you save a minimum of $15.00USD!].


Social Media:
P.S.: Please read the rules, it makes it easier on all of us.

Wire Tree.

Crap from the Craft Space - Bottlecaps and Beads:

So I made it a goal for 2015 to get my Etsy store launched. It's the middle of August and I have realized that the aforementioned goal was very unrealistic. I need to MAKE things to display my things to sell on, photograph my stuff, make lists of prices, organize, clean, and just... so much more. If you sell physical items online you know what I'm talking about.

But that doesn't meant I'm just pushing that goal out the window either! I'm going to keep working toward This That and the Other Thing's launch anyway, even it it means it doesn't get up online until sometime in 2016.

Currently it is late Summer here and I don't know if it's that my SO and I have moved 30ish minutes South or that like, it's just an unusual Summer weather wise, but it's been much more humid where we live this Summer than it's ever been in my personal memory. That means that for someone like me, who's strength is absorbed from Cold and Wet that my poor body is just so confused. Part of me is like, "THE AIR SMELLS WET THIS IS EXCITING." and the another part of me is like, "IT IS HOT GO BACK TO BED UNTIL THE SUN GOES DOWN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" So I have spent most of the last two and a half months some on some level of being Super Tired [on top of the Super Tired that most of us with clinical depression suffer from] and just generally unmotivated to do much of anything, which, unfortunately, includes crafting.

I've made less Things than I normally do and it's kind of upsetting to me. I need to feel productive. For example, right now I have the flu and it's currently 90 degrees ferinheight here and 23% humidity with this yucky, murky, overcast sky and I have a fever of just over 100 degrees. We have no airconditioning. Instead of laying in bed like I ought to be I am sitting at my Desktop's desk next to my very warm tower posting about this so I can feel productive. It's not the smartest move for my physical health but you have to balance your mental health with your physical health and for me to be able to lay somewhere cool [possibly the tiled floor in our windowless hallway] and rest I need to be able to know I didn't JUST lay around all day, that I did something. So, I'm making this post.

A few days ago I thought to myself, "Ya know, I've been collecting bottlecaps for over a year now and I really ought to do something with them." But, because my will to make things was sapped by the heat and my then recent workout, I decided a good place to start would be to SORT the bottlecaps so that I can better access the ones I want when it comes time to actually make something out of them.

This turned into a massive project that I am STILL working on, cleaning the space in which I craft so that when it's cooler not being able to find things won't be a deturant or excuse for Fall crafting.

So, without further ado, I give you:

Cleaning the Craft Space - Bottlecaps and Beads:

First, Cleaning:

And then, Orgonizing:

Collapse )
Rose  as Petite Jester.

Commissions Are Open! Commission Breakdowns - Examples and a Few Rules:


Ok so I offer a LOT of different kinds of commissions. You can basically ask me to draw nearly anything you want. That many options can be confusing to anyone, so I've decided to post a basic breakdown of what kind of commissions you can buy from me and how much they cost. Commissions are not limited to what you see here! If you want something you don't see here, ask about it!

Commission Queue:

  1. Empty right now! Fix that, buy yourself a little something!


- First, ask me about one! You can request a commission via my Email or via my LiveStream chat. Once we have agreed to work together I will need a reference for your character[s] and any information about how you would like the drawing to be done. The better the information and references you provide, the better I can tailor your commission to your vision. Feel free to include a sketch or a doodle to show me what you would like. If you’re looking for me to draw a completely new character we can work out the details together, as these types of commissions are always different from each-other. When we have settled on a plan then you send your payment to kristin_topknot (at) by way of PayPall.

- After I receive payment and I have time to work on your art, I will send you a preview of the sketch with red “SAMPLE” written all over it [unless, of course, you're in the stream and can give me live feedback, which is much easier]. If there’s anything you’re unhappy with, that’s your chance to let me know. Please let me know if you need your art by a certain date and we'll talk about how to get your art done by your needed date, express commissions can sometimes be accommodated but we need to know what to expect from eachother.

- When your art is finished, you’ll get the full size file, which is a 300 dpi .png image, in an email. A lower quality version may be uploaded to either my Wiesel, DeviantArt, Facebook, Tumblr  and/or any other social media accounts. You are free to re-post, crop, edit, and do whatever you want with art you have commissioned as long as you are kind enough to give me credit. I prefer you credit me with my account on the same website you're posting it on, if you're posing it to FurAffinity or other website I don't have an account on, in which case, please credit my Tumblr.

A Small Sample of Examples:

Sketches, $5.00USD [or, if it's your first time watching my Livestream, FREE!]:

 photo AThousandYearsSketch_zpswkmmw1jl.png photo DontGiveUpVentArSketcht_zpspughkf1t.jpg photo TheyBetTheirLivesSketch_zpskviepnxr.png photo DontSweatItKidSketch_zpseaoairmu.png

Colored Sketches $7.00 USD:

 photo ForPardio_zps2hytk8hc.png photo ForTellyweb_zpsgvhizzzh.png

Inks $10.00USD:

 photo FlightOfTheButterflyInks_zpsounmzrbd.png photo MYStick_zpsgzorncq4.png photo DontGiveUpVentArtInks_zpsgdgbza6a.png photo FireComishInksjpg_zps676cc2d3.jpg

Colored Lines-
Just lines $10.00USD, Colored Lines with Flat Colors $15.00USD:

 photo ForTheFirstTimeLines_zps0e6j7pz3.png photo MYPANCAKESVer2_zpskxossqg8.png photo eeyoreandfluttershy.png

Flats $20.00USD [Simple textures and backgrounds are free, making the drawing transparent will include a small upcharge, the price of which depends on the drawing]:

 photo MilokeyVersion1_zpsbpcsur9i.png photo AThousandYearsFlats_zpspluqh8ze.png photo UnnamedIcon_zpsuvoxqs0m.png photo FlightOfTheButterfly_zps8lzvjz86.png

Fully Colored $30.00 USD+:

 photo FlyingWithTheSquireCrop1_zpszmu9frrj.png photo ForTheFirstTimeFinal_zpsgfy2u4xu.png photo CardTheScientiestNightFINAL_zps9c18ae63.png

Other Stuff [Prices varrey greatly, please ask if you'd like your own version of something you can see in the following links]:

Speed Paint Commissions: Any commission you order can be turned into a speedpaint video just for you for an additonal $5.00USD carge. Make sure when you order your comission you let me know you would like a speedpaint of it so I can make sure to record it properly. You won't be charged for the $5.00USD, until the video is edited and ready to post, at wich time I'll send you an invoice via PayPal.

Special Sales:
August, 07, 2015 to August, 14, 2015: SALE HAS BEEN EXTENDED FOR A WEEK AND WILL NOW END ON AUGUST, 23RD, 2015!!!!
Break in Sale! I have a B

General Rules:

- Payments I Will Accept: Paypal, Cash, and Money Orders only. If you send me cash or money orders I am not liable for your money while it is in the mail, and the art you payed for will not be started until I have either received your payment.

~ I Will Not Draw: Scat, any watersports, dirty diapers, inflation, or necro, non-con, rape, or sexual gore. This list is subject to change without notice. I respect your right to like these things, I request you respect my wishes not to draw them.

- I may be open to drawing technology like guns, automobiles, and things like armor, but I will need good references and highly detailed items will be subject to an additional charge. We can talk about this via Email or, if you are watching the Stream live, via the LiveStream chat.

- You must provide some sort of visual reference that you have permission to use for any and all characters. The only fan art I draw is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Thank you for your understanding.

~ Second Character:  $5.00 for each tier.

~ If you are unsure about anything, don’t hesitate to ask! I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Feel free to either ask me in the chat or via Email.


  1. Where is my commission money going? You can read about that here, but basicly it's going to pay down the thousands of dollars of medical bills I have.

Extremely complicated characters may be subject to an additional charge [though this does not apply to the sketch, of course].

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.


Rain in the forest.

Where is My Donation Money Going?:

Welcome to the page where I update where my donation spending, it's meant to help me be as transparent and honest as possible. If you have any questions you can post them here or Email me!

  1. October 04, 2015 @ 1:46PM: All commission funds are currently going to medical bills. I am several thousand dollars in the hole because I had to switch from private insurance to MediCAL and the bills I thought where taken care of while I was on private insurance from as long as two years ago are starting to filter down to me. The current total is of these bills is $3,171.23USD.

  2. January 1st, 2016: Though I no longer take commissions, any donations are still going to pay down medical debts, which still total $3,171.23USD.