Dreams in Nodd

Building Worlds with Drawings, Stories, and Crafts.

9 March 1991
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This is my Arts and Crafts Journal. In here you will find:

1) Crochet.
2) Doodles.
3) Writing.
4) Fantasy Characters and Creatures.
5) Sketches.
6) Works in Progress.
7) Lots and Lots of Tags.
8) Crafts.
9) Wire work.
10) Jewelery.
11) World Building.


A lot of this journal is dedicated to long term projects. The best way to keep track of these is to visit the Tags page. Don't forget that you can hit Ctrl + "F" to search for certain things [on PCs].

Not sure why I added you? Fear not, there is a journal entry for that here.

You can read my Artist's Manifesto and Mission Statement here.

You can contact me outside of Livejournal by emailing me at kristin_topknot@yahoo.com

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